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  • 22-04-2009

    Mr.Touch in visita in Italia: Dennis Coffey a Milano il 30 aprile e poi a Verona dal 1 al 3 maggio

    Nell’ ambito del suo tour europeo per il Corso Allenatori di primo livello certificato FIT,  Dennis Coffey, Segretario Generale della Federazione Internazionale Touch e  conosciuto in tutto il mondo come “Mister Touch Australia” sarà anche in Italia.

    Due le date previste:

    Giovedì 30 Aprile ore 20.00 Dennis terrà presso il campo dei Mastini sa Noverasco (Opera, Milano) una sessione di allenamanto aperta a tutti i touchers lombardi. Si raccomanda la partecipazione al III tempo.

    Dal 1  al 3 maggio presso gli impianti Glaxo di Verona, Dennis terrà il corso allenatori di Primo Livello certificato FIT. I posti sono esauriti, eventuali richieste di partecipazione last minute possono essere fatte  a mchawi@interfree.it


    Dennis has a Masters Degree in Educational Studies, a Bachelor of Education Degree, a Diploma of Physical Education and Teaching Certificate, and has been involved with a variety of sports for most of his life.  A keen surf lifesaver, cross-country runner and Queensland rugby union representative, he was conscripted into the Army in 1965 and had a career as a military pilot until his retirement from the Services in 1992.
    Dennis’s connection with Touch began in the mid-70s in Canberra with the then Monaro Division of NSW, initially as a club player and coach.  He has dedicated much of the past 30 years to development of the sport.  In 1980 he was elected as the inaugural President and Development Officer for the ACTTA, as it separated from NSWTA.  In the same year he was appointed as Promotions Officer for the new ATFA and the following year was elected as the inaugural National Coaching Director and inaugural Queensland State Coaching Director. The same year he established the National Army Touch  Association, which later evolved to the ADFTA, and now the Australian Defence Touch Association, of which he is a Life Member.
    Dennis represented Australia as a player in the inaugural 1988 World Cup, and again in New Zealand in 1991. He has an extensive resume in coaching at the international level, and recently coached Australian teams at the most recent World Cups in Japan in 2003, and South Africa in 2007.
    Dennis is credited with writing the inaugural playing rules of Touch,the Basic Coaching Manual, Community Coaching Manual, and many other coach education resources, including print and DVD / CD materials. He established the Australian Touch coach education and accreditation system. He is a recipient of an Australian Sports Commission Administrator of the Year Award, the Governor-General’s Sport Award, and the Eunice Gill Coach Education Award.
    Dennis’s involvement in the international arena is extensive, having been on development tours of Fiji, Hawaii, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, England, Scotland, South Africa and Wales, as well as a handful of visits to Japan.  He lived in Japan for three months coaching their National squads prior to the 1995 World Cup.  In 2008 he undertook a solo development tour of Europe and delivered a series of coaching courses incorporating participants from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Guernsey, Jersey Islands, France, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.